RAR Pulp


-A pale ale with layers of orange sherbert, lemon lime, and citrus hard candy. Nose follows with a huge orange punch.


-ABV: 6.2%


-Cambridge, Md



Manor Hill Mild Manor’d


-This was created to bring the world of English Mild Ales together with American Ambers. The result is a copper colored brew with a big white head. Aromas of caramel malt complexity and light berries come through on the nose. The flavor profile is incredibly smooth, with more caramel, along with a touch of biscuit followed by a clean finish.


-ABV: 4.6%


-Ellicott City, MD



Evil Twin I Always Felt Closer To IPAs Than I Did To People


-This double dry-hopped double IPA is by far the most hopped beer we have ever done. 5.6 lbs/bbl of mostly Galaxy and Citra with a touch of Falconer’s Flight and Simcoe.


-ABV: 9.0%



Union XL-II90


-Busting out a dank and resinous Eureka! into a spicy experimental, banana/pear Jarrylo jam and then segue back into a tropical tinged Eureka!. Our dry-hopped encore is one for the books. A familiar fan favorite Simcoe kicks us off, followed by the tour debut of the lovely floral and citrus-laden Loral. We close out this epic set with a monster Medusa, complete with a Guava/Melon duel and a final transition back into the dark stone-fruit zone of Eureka!


-ABV: 8%


-IBU: 95



DC Brau Heurich’s Lager


-A historical recreation of the pre-prohibition beer by the Christian Heurich Brewing Company - Washington DC's first major brewery.


-ABV: 7.0%


-IBU: 36



RAR Marylan


-American Blonde Ale


-ABV: 5.2%


-Cambridge, Md



Gypsy Roggen Brau


-German Rye Beer. Smooth and slick with hints of banana, clove and pear from German Wheat yeast.


-ABV: 5.8%


-Calvert County, Md



Smuttynose Rocky Road


-An indulgent blend of ooey-gooey Fluff™ amazingness and the rich goodness of cacao nibs are blended into a full bodied sweet, stout beer. We age this elixir on amaretto-soaked oak chips to impart an amazing flavor harmony. Don’t worry if you spill a drop of Rocky Road – we know you’ll lick it right up. Cheers!


-ABV: 7.5%











The only constant in the ever changing beer industry is that customers are always looking for new and exciting craft beers.  Nick’s, with help from companies near and afar, has installed a state of the art Growler Station based on the same operating principles as bottling lines. We use a blended gas counter pressure system. This state of the art technique forces beer to fill the growler from the bottom up reducing loss due to foam, while keeping the beer as fresh as possible.


While Nick’s carries a wide array of craft beer in bottles and cans, our Growler Station has opened the doors to  endless possibilities. Our Growler Station taps are constantly changing with beers that are extremely rare or even limited to draft only. Our list is always changing, so check back with us regularly or you may miss out on that one beer you have been waiting for.

Growler Station

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