Growler Station

The only constant in the ever changing beer industry is that customers are always looking for new and exciting craft beers.  Nick’s, with help from companies near and afar, has installed a state of the art Growler Station based on the same operating principles as bottling lines. We use a blended gas counter pressure system. This state of the art technique forces beer to fill the growler from the bottom up reducing loss due to foam, while keeping the beer as fresh as possible.


While Nick’s carries a wide array of craft beer in bottles and cans, our Growler Station has opened the doors to  endless possibilities. Our Growler Station taps are constantly changing with beers that are extremely rare or even limited to draft only. Our list is always changing, so check back with us regularly or you may miss out on that one beer you have been waiting for.



                 Mully’s/Nick’s Crown Royal Aged Belgian Dark Strong


-A dark mahogany-colored beer with ruby hues release a rich and biscuit-y aroma. Our Belgian Dark Strong Ale was aged in Nick’s Hand Select Crown Royal Whiskey Oak Barrels for six months, accentuating the rich, and slightly sweet brew. Smooth, yet complex, the beer finished dry with assistance from the oak’s tannins. This beer is for slow sipping and contemplation.


-ABV: 10.0%



                                                    Atlas Ugly and Stoned


-Plate of the Union, a consumer-focused education campaign promoting healthy and affordable food, safe drinking water and smart food policy, announced a charity beer partnership with Atlas Brew Works and MOM’s Organic Market to raise awareness and reduce food waste. The Rescue Brew beer is a delicious peach sour ale called Ugly and Stoned, representing the recovered stone fruits – peaches and plums – that are key ingredients in the beer. MOM’s donated unsold stone fruit for the cause.


-ABV: 5.5%


-IBU: 12



                                                     Champion True Love


-Clean and refreshing Lager inspired by classics from south of the border and brewed with our friends at Cockfight Skateboards. Enjoy with a lime or as-is.


-ABV: 4.5%


-IBU: 20



                                                  Black Flag Outback Haze


-A hazy New England Style IPA with oats and Australian hops for a smooth, tropical flavor. Vic Secret, Motueka, Citra.


-ABV: 7.2%


-IBU: 60


-Columbia, Md



                                  Union When I Say Charm, You Saison!


-In honor of the 5th Annual Charm City Bluegrass Festival, we bring you this charming Saison. Brewed with Citra, Huell Melon and a relatively new German variety called Grüngeist, the beer starts out with a great estery yeast hit on both the nose and the palate. It is quickly followed by a floral aroma and flavor that yields to balanced citrus and peach notes.


-ABV: 6.7%


-IBU: 30



                                     Two Roads Lil Heaven Session IPA


-Made with four exotic hops - Azacca, Calypso, Mosaic and Equinox. Taste is of tropical fruits, specifically passion fruit, grapefruit and apricots. Finishes with just enough toasted malt character to balance.


-ABV: 4.8%



                                               Jailbreak Righteous Guava


-Do you remember when a beer with fruit additions tasted like a BEER with fruit additions? This variation of our Poor Righteous has copious amounts of guava puree and maintains a strong focus on balance. It’s a tropical vacation for the senses and just in time for summer.


-ABV: 6.5%


-IBU: 55


-Laurel, Md                          



                             Captain Lawrence Grapefruit Effortless IPA


-The only thing “effortless” about this beer is how it drinks. Domestic and imported malts take a backseat to the loads of American grown hops that are dumped into the kettle. Dry-hopped for mouthwatering aroma with Mosaic and Palisade hops, and infused with natural grapefruit flavor to add to the refreshment. 


-ABV: 4.5%

-IBU: 45


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