Nick Ferrante Sr., born in Castel Frentano in 1920, first immigrated to the United States at age 13. Years later, Nick Sr. became a U.S. citizen and proudly served his country during World War II. Nick Sr. pioneered the family business in the 1960’s and eventually opened Nick’s Supermarket in Clinton, Maryland in the early 1970’s.

About Us

Nick’s primary goal was to offer the community a unique alternative to overwhelmingly large chain stores, while providing a family-oriented shopping experience.  He, along with his children, built a business predicated upon providing the utmost level of customer service, while providing only the highest quality product.


Over the past 50 plus years, our family-run business has spanned across three generations. Although Nick Sr. passed away in 2014, his legacy lives on through his family. We will remain steadfast and will never compromise the core principles Nick Sr. founded the business upon.

The Ferrante family continues make every effort to be unique and adapt by providing a one stop shopping experience through full-service meat and deli departments; a full array of beer, wine, and spirits; as well as our signature line of Nick's products including pastas, meatballs, seasonings, sauces, and sausage.


So from our family to your's, we appreciate your business and hope you enjoy your experience.

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