Nick’s Private Select Barrel #517

This exclusive Private Select Barrel was personally developed at the Maker’s Mark Distillery. We had the pleasure of carefully handpicking the exact oak finishing stave composition that best represents our customers’ taste profiles. Once the selected staves were sealed in the barrel, matured Maker’s Cask Strength was then refilled into the barrel. The whisky was then aged for 10 weeks before bottling. The following is a description of each stave, how many were selected for this particular barrel, and how each interacts with the whisky and the other staves.


P2 - Baked American Pure 2 (2 Staves)

Classic cut, American oak, baked low & slow in a convection oven brings hints of creamy vanilla & butterscotch on the nose and injects oak into the whisky.

Cu - Seared French Cuvée (4 Staves)

Ridged or ruffled, French oak toasted with Infrared gives the whisky texture and notes of honey. This stave provides a rich and full bodied mouthfeel.

46 - Maker’s 46 (2 Staves)

Classic cut, infrared seared French oak develops the foundation of the whisky. There is a reason the Samuel’s family created Maker’s 46 using these wooden staves. It is extremely well-rounded and is the backbone of the whisky.

Mo - Roasted French Mocha (0 Staves)

Classic cut, French oak cooked with high heat in a convection oven. This underlying stave produces subtle notes of dark chocolate and brings depth and richness to the whisky’s finish.

Sp - Toasted French Spice (2 Staves)

Classic cut, French oak is toasted in a convection oven at both high and low temperatures. It may be the most impactful stave with the complex spice and brightness that it portrays.



Jack Daniel's

                                  Nick's Single Barrel Select No. 173416


Barrel No. 173416 is exclusive to Nick’s, with no other barrel tasting the same. This particular barrel of whiskey was hand selected by the staff at Nick’s. This whiskey bursts with melted caramel and honey on the nose and delivers a creamy, buttery mouthfeel. This incredibly smooth finish is rounded out by subtle notes of vanilla and a soft spice.



                                                       Jack Daniel's

                                     Nick's Single Barrel Select No. 172549


Barrel No. 172549 is exclusive to Nick’s, with no other barrel tasting the same. This barrel of whiskey could not be passed up by the staff at Nick’s. The deep Amber color leads way to a mellow nose with hints of honey suckle. This barrel has a rich mouthfeel with light spice on the finish.




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